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Making in-game ads endemic

Haxelo enables the only endemic in-game advertising for creators and brands around the world

Download SDK:

Download SDK:

What we do

Video games are more than just entertainment. They are a platform for sharing creativity and a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage with their audience. Haxelo's endemic billboards are endemic to the game, providing an immersive and effective marketing channel.


Fun Experiences

Same message, delivered by unique endemic styles

We create ads that are fully integrated into the game world, with unique styles that match each game's aesthetics. Our tailored approach ensures maximum impact for brands, without disrupting the gaming experience

Limitless Creative Opportunities

At Haxelo, we're driven by a passion for cutting-edge game design and delopment. Every detail matters to us, and we're always pushing the boundaries to find the best solutions. As a startup, we're free from the constraints of legacy systems, giving us the flexibility to innovate and chart our own path forward


Elevate Your Earnings with Endemic Monetization
Endemic advertising means more than just placing ads in a game world. At Haxelo, we design and create ads that are an integral part of the game experience. Our goal is to make the ads feel like they were always meant to be there, blending seamlessly into the game world and enhancing the player's immersion.


Immerse Your Brand in game with Endemic Advertising
Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate your ads into the gaming environment, capturing the attention of your target audience without disrupting their experience. By tailoring each ad creative to fit the game's universe, we create a more immersive and memorable advertising experience that resonates with gamers.

Making in-game advertising endemic

Banner and Video
Display branded, gameplay inspired Banners and videos on billboards
Product Placements
Fire up(boost) your brand with seamless product placements
Gameplay integration
Share your story and make audience engage with brand.
We strategize using our 360 model of in-game marketing. From experiences, to social media.
Better Creative
We don't redesign creatives for each game. Our creatives are from the game itself.
We built our SDK to be as lightweight, as it is easy to integrate in your experience

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